Mylko had its debut in Toronto Farmers' Markets and from day one was created for mindful individuals seeking a delicious and wholesome alternative to dairy or sub-par dairy-free alternatives.  This means only a handful of real food ingredients you can pronounce without any preservatives, additives or refined sugars.  It's simple.....


Mylko is the first of it's kind in Toronto and arguably the world, creating delicious, creamy, pure unadulterated dairy-free mylks just for you.  

Milk or mylk in our case, is a staple item for many households and therefore needs to be top-notch - and ours is!  We use only whole food ingredients and are mindful of the ingredients we use, sourcing organic, local and fair-trade where we can. 

Add our mylks to anything from your smoothies, cereal, coffee (yes -  it froths just as well as dairy!), tea, sweet and savoury recipes or just drink it straight up - enjoy!

Here's to the end of your journey finding a truly clean dairy-free alternative.......