This week we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce to you our incredible local (Toronto based) nut mylk supplier, Mylko. This dream team creates delicious and creamy blends of mylk that when paired with our espresso, make incredible lattes, cappuccinos and mochas. In the restaurant you can find blends like cashew chai, almond cashew cold brew, coconut and special features like pistachio rose. 

We sat down and chatted with them to learn more about their business and why homemade nut mylks are far more beneficial to your health than store bought.

Can you tell us a bit about your business for people who don’t know?

Mylko is a Toronto-based company developed for the mindful customer, seeking a delicious, creamy elixir - whether for coffee, cereal, smoothie or straight up. We had our debut at the Farmers Market and as the season looms, we are grateful to be part of this special community. We produce raw, non-dairy, plant-based mylks made from nuts, seeds, coconut and other whole food ingredients, without additives or refined sugar. We try our best to source locally and work with like-minded partners. Our offering ranges the entire spectrum from our signature almond-cashew-coconut mylk to specialty sipping mylks, like pistachio rose and strawberry rhubarb. Our cashew barista blend is a treat for coffee lovers and maintains latte art equally if not better than dairy millk. We deliver to homes and businesses and offer our product on a wholesale basis to coffee shops and restaurants. We are currently working on a longer refrigerator life variety, which should be in stores this summer. Come visit us at the Sorauren, Leslieville and Brickworks Farmers' markets this season!

Can you share with us some reason’s why homemade nut mylks are more beneficial to our health then store bought?

I think it has become widely known that most store bought nut mylks contain a variety of fillers including carrageenan, gums, thickeners, emulsifiers and other unnecessary agents that compensate for the lack of whole food ingredients. Some varieties are heated to such high temperatures (UHT) that the resulting liquid is almost unrecognizable. Its simple, homemade nut mylks have more ingredient concentration, more good fats more nutrients and most importantly, taste WAY better. There is no comparison.

We feel there is a lot of confusion with HPP, unpasteurized and pasteurized when it comes to raw nut mylks and juices. What do your products classify as and what do all these terms mean? 

 We will likely be offering longer refrigerator-life version for stores, which will use HPP technology (pressure instead of heat). Which in my opinion is the best solution that exists to extend shelf life yielding a product that retains nutritional and sensory integrity (unlike heat pasteurization). We will continue our raw offering but I think an entire question related to this may divert attention. Part of the reason this is necessary for a broader audience is safety. Mylk relative to say juice has a much higher pH which makes it much more susceptible to bacteria growth and food borne illness. Of course some of this can be prevented with proper labeling and education but it is still certainly a food safety issue. Raw juice is acidic so naturally has much higher buffer than mylk.

How did it all begin?

We did not intend to start a business - it sort of just happened. I started to have an aversion towards dairy and moved towards boxed varieties of almond milk, realizing they weren't any better on my vulnerable tummy. I started making nut mylks at home. I couldn't believe the difference in taste and texture. I went on a tangent, getting creative, having fun with ingredients, sharing with friends and colleagues, realizing there was a strong demand for such a product. Creating a high-quality mylk that dairy and non-dairy consumers alike could enjoy. I pitched the idea to a local farmers' market once...twice...thrice...convincing them there was no other product like this out there. They finally caved once tempted by samples and the rest is history. For each mylk variety released, we always ask the question - will we drink it? If the answer is yes, it's a go! We truly believe Mylko is a dairy-free revolution!

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